Should I Consider Bankruptcy?

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Many people consider bankruptcy at least once in their lives. At Fears | Nachawati, our lawyers are happy to speak with people throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Austin, and Houston and answer any questions they have. We understand the stress you are going through, and want to help you make the right decision. Contact us to find out more.

If you are wondering whether bankruptcy is right for you, there are several questions you should ask yourself:

Are you unable to get by each month? A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can liquidate your assets, pay off as much as you can, and then erase any further debt.

Are you earning just enough to get by every month? Can you only afford to make minimum payments, and don't see how you will ever get debts paid off? A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can put you on a payment plan and then wipe the slate clean, whether or not all debts are paid off.

Are you about to lose your house? Bankruptcy can stop foreclosure in many cases. If, for example, the government is threatening to put a lien on your house and sell it from underneath you, a bankruptcy can stop their actions. (See also Saving Your Home and Car.)

Are you significantly behind on your car payments? Bankruptcy can put you on a plan to pay off your car payments, while lowering your interest rate or lowering the amount that you owe. (See also Saving Your Home and Car.)

Are you about to be sued by a credit card company? Filing for bankruptcy immediately stops all lawsuits against you. (See also How Bankruptcy Affects Debts and Lawsuits.)

Are credit card companies and collections agencies harassing you day and night? All creditor harassment must cease after you file for bankruptcy.

Are your wages being garnished for taxes, child support, a lawsuit, or any other reason? Our bankruptcy attorneys know how to stop wage garnishments.

And there are many other complex circumstances that our bankruptcy lawyers can handle. For example, tax debt is often the most difficult kind of debt to discharge. But if the debt is less than 3 years old, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy could pay it off.

Another example is overwhelming medical bills. You can eliminate the medical bills you currently have with a bankruptcy and still continue treatment in the same hospital. The doctor who treated you before, however, may refuse to see you. But our lawyers often help people find other effective ways to get treatment.

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